Nova Via works for the reconstruction of the perception of client-residents relative to their own reality and their interactions with the social, family and professional environment and with regard to their situation of dependency.   Nova Via actively supports behavioral and thinking modification to make therapy recipients interested and strong for a better and new life.

Introduction to Concept Nova Via

The medical, psychological and social treatment of people showing difficulties in connection with various addictions, whether illegal substances, alcohol or others) is the basis of the conceptual approach of the Nova Via Therapeutic Center, of initiative private, and whose residential center is located in Porto in Portugal.   This concept of holistic care is innovative in its approach through the combined focus on five pillars:

  • Medicalized withdrawal of substances (if necessary) through collaboration with medical clinics located in Porto ;
  • Life in a therapeutic community during the residential phase, allowing the acquisition of the values and attitudes necessary for an adapted, functional and above all satisfactory life in society ;
  • Intensive " in-house " psychotherapeutic approach , according to the model of strategic and interactional therapy, which is an essential factor in achieving lasting changes in perception, thought, behavior and the management of emotions in the head of patients. clients-patients ;
  • Involvement of the family of client-patients throughout the duration of the treatment ;
  • Active preparation for post-therapy life by ensuring social and professional (re)integration, which is an integral part of holistic care.

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