Beneficiaries - Target population

Nova Via welcomes adults suffering from difficulties related to excessive consumption and / or dependence on psychoactive substances, including the following substances:

Illegal drugs (cannabis, cocaine, heroin, etc.)

People said to be "dual diagnosed", therefore combining substance dependence with other psychiatric diagnoses are accepted, after review and assessment of their situation. Minors, from the age of 16, can be accommodated subject to a written agreement from the person(s) with parental authority, and after review and assessment of their situation.

Duration of the Therapeutic Program

The therapeutic program is planned for a period of minimum 3 months, in the event that the therapeutic goals are not reached, an extension of the program will be determined by the committee of doctors, subject to a payment agreement from the social security organizations concerned or by another.

A short formula, lasting 4 to 8 weeks, may, in certain cases, be offered after a favorable assessment of the life situation and / or the particular problems of the client / patient. Generally speaking, treatment begins before arriving at the Nova Via Therapeutic Center with preparation for residential therapy and ends with regular outpatient post-treatment follow-up.

Admission to the Therapeutic Center

In order to be able to take advantage of the care offered by the Nova Via Therapeutic Center and submit a request for treatment, the following procedures must be strictly observed by those concerned:

  • Contact with one of our associations by phone or email. See the list of associations above.
  • Organization of one or more interviews making it possible to draw up an assessment and make a preliminary assessment of the applicant's situation.
  • Verification and adjustment of administrative documents such as travel papers (identity card / passport) as well as social insurance papers.
  • Prescription of stationary therapy by a specialist in addiction medicine or a psychiatrist.
  • Request for approval of the medical check-up of the social security insurance.
  • Decision on an admission date and organization of the transfer.

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