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Nova Via Therapeutic Center

What is problematic is not absolute and somehow inherent in the nature of the thing, but depends on the particular case and the point of view involved.
Paul Watzlawick

Innovative therapeutic approach

Nova Via is a therapeutic center for people with disorders of consumption and / or dependence on psychoactive substances, whether alcohol, medication or illegal drugs. Nova Via's therapeutic approach is innovative since it combines community-based supervision with an intensive psychotherapeutic approach based on a systemic, interactional and strategic approach.

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Nova Via

Who can benefit from our therapy?

Nova Via

Any adult suffering from difficulties related to excessive consumption and / or dependence on psychoactive substances: Alcohol, drugs and / or illegal drugs (cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and others)

So-called “dual diagnosis” people, thus combining substance dependence with other psychiatric diagnoses, are admitted, after assessment and assessment of their situation.

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Our center

The Nova-Via therapeutic center is located in Porto (Portugal) in a villa in a residential area, less than 500 meters from the sea and offers all the necessary facilities with an accommodation capacity for up to 20 people.

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